Dr. Gulab Kothari who heads PMO Institute of Vedic Studies and Research is not only the Chief Editor of Rajasthan Patrika Group but is also a profound scholar of Ved Vigyan. Known eminently for his classic MANAS - an epitome of inspiring formative literature based on the Vedic values published in four volumes, Dr. Kothari's journey into the Vedic world began two decades ago when his illustrious father Mr. Karpoor Chandra 'Kulish' made the worldwide dissemination of the Vedic message as his life's mission. He was fortunate enough to have late Pandit Devidutt Chaturvedi as his mentor and guru who readily imparted to him valuable lessons in Ved Vigyan regularly for several years. His two recent narrative poems entitled 'Purusharth Chatushthaya' (the four human pursuits : dharma, artha, kama and moksha) and 'Adya' written from a Vedic perspective are sublime pieces of poetic art. His grand daughter Adya, embodiment of pure innocence, inspires him to portray the sordid present by means of poetry and prepares her to face the challenge ahead. His latest masterpiece in the Vedic series is 'Krishna Tattva Ki Vaigyanikta'. It is the quintessence of the Gita. Though he has authored many books but the books mentioned above put him on pedastal as a Vedic scholar beyond doubt.
He never misses an opportunity to share his visions at international seminars. He has travelled extensively and made scholarly presentations at many international conferences held in different countries. Born on January 6, 1949 in a historic town Malpura situated in the Tonk district of Rajasthan, Gulab Kothari earned his Ph.D. Degree from the Intercultural Open University, the Netherlands, in 1995. His thesis entitled ‘Newspaper Management’ has already been published and is being used as a reference work by the students of journalism in various universities of India. He was awarded D.Litt. in Philosopy by the same University in 2002 and his thesis has already been published with the title : ‘Body-Mind Intellect’.
Dr. Kothari is on boards of many organizations and is the International Advisor to IOUF. In recognition of his contribution to social excellence through purposeful writings he has been honoured with several awards by a number of prestigious organizations. The Institute will, no doubt march ahead under his dynamic leadership.